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Checking the static pressure on a unit that was upgraded from a 2 1/2 ton to a 3 ton.
“Last summer, I was sitting in a hot office and a guy came in to fix the AC. I mentioned that I was afraid that I was going to have the same problem when I got back home, because that morning it was hot in my house.
Mark gave me a card and said to call if my AC wasn't working. I got home at 4:30 and it was SOOO hot inside my house, I called Mark and he was out within 45 minutes, diagnosed the problem and was back the next morning early to install a new AC. That was fast and efficient.
I did notice that the slab my AC was sitting on was cracked, so that caused me concern. Mark got another slab and came back and installed that too.
Mark has done some other work for me on a couple rental properties. I feel he is professional, he gets the job done and I don't feel I have been price gouged after he leaves!
Yes, I do recommend Mark Smith, I feel he is honest and I have not had any problems from his work!
Sue K.; Pflugerville, Texas
“Hiring Mark as a contractor was the best thing that I could do. Mark is very honest. He does very good work and has always showed up every time I have called him. He has went far beyond his duties. I was blessed to find Mark. I recommend Mark to do work for anybody. I am very satisfied.
Darrell L.; Cedar Creek, Texas
Hey Mark, thank you for fixing my air conditioning. I will use you in the future, your service was very important. Once again Mark, thank you for your service.
Willie S.; Austin, Texas
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